My name is Marshall Watson, but most people call me Shane.  I’m a composer and electronic music maker.  in 1998, using student loan money, I bought my first synthesizers/sampler and never looked back.  My first rig consisted of an Ensonic ASR-X, a Korg Wavestation, a Roland JX-305 (the blue ‘groovebox’ with keys) and a cracked version of Cakewalk.   I remember a particular night in New Orleans after playing ‘live’ when I naively asked Pete Lazonby if I could ‘jam’ with him while he dj’d… lol, he politely said, ‘no.’ That was the beginning of my musical career.

In 2003, as the internet was being used more widely and bandwidths were increasing, I started posting music on  This was when I met Thorsten from Highpoint Lowlife, out of Sheffield.  HPLL released two albums and several singles of mine over the next few years, and eventually closed it’s doors in 2009.  Since then, I’ve had music released on Car Crash Set and Peloton Musique from Seattle, 442 out of Australia, Volkoren from the Netherlands, Celsius Recordings and Influenza Media from Belgium and the Netherlands,  and now the seminal Loöq Records in San Francisco.

Currently I am the Music Director at Sirius Sound, where I have composed music for Yahoo!, Google, Flickr, Aruba Networks, Symantec, Cisco and many others.   Although I keep a respectable day job, my heart still loves to dance, and you can find me DJing occasionally at the Qoöl Happy Hour and a monthly at Eclipse Salon, both in San Francisco.  You can find my music on Beatport and Itunes.  @pr0fw  Facebook.